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ActiveX controls

Our ActiveX controls collection, is a variety of state of the art, 32 bit, reusable software components for developers.

All controls have been developed with Microsoft Visual Basic v 6.0. They are ideal for Visual Basic applications, but can also be used by any programming language that supports ActiveX controls, as long as the VB 6.0 runtime files are included with the package.



AniGif lite  AniGif lite

An AniGif control can display a graphic from an animated or static Gif file and provides detailed info about the animation. Supports GIF87a and GIF89a formats.

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AniGif full  AniGif full

The full version of the AniGif control, can additionally retrieve more detailed info about the animation, including headers, comments etc.

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Calendar  Calendar

A Calendar control enables you to create applications that let users view and set date information via a calendar-like interface.

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Frame  Frame

A Frame control provides an identifiable grouping for controls, which supports XP visual styles and flicker free drawing.

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FolderView  FolderView

A FolderView control provides functionality identical to the tree pane in Explorer. It displays a list of folders (and files) and allows browsing of the shell's entire namespace.

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IconList  IconList

An IconList control analyzes a specified icon(or cursor) and displays thumbnails for each image contained in the file. Additionally returns detailed information about each image, such as the image's dimensions and the bit per pixel format. The control provides powerful 32 bit rendering, allowing to draw any image in the icon file, to a device context.

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MenuEx  MenuEx

A MenuEx control can handle menus in VB projects. It allows you to simply display icons and set the help text for the menu items, to set special items such as Sidebars, Headers or Color menu items, giving also the ability to the advanced user to handle the menus appearance by custom drawing their contents.

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StatusBar  Panel

A Panel control provides a container that can contain other components. It automatically handles dragging and can be docked/undocked in MDI applications. Provides a fully customizable header with icon, that supports Unicode text and can be oriented as needed.

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PictureBoxEx  PictureBoxEx

A PictureBoxEx control can display a graphic from a bitmap, icon, or metafile, as well as enhanced metafile, JPEG, and animated or static GIF file.

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StatusBar  StatusBar

A StatusBar control provides a window, usually at the bottom of a parent form, through which an application can display various kinds of status data.

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Enhanced Thumbnailer  ThumbEx

A Thumbnailer control, can display thumbnails from bitmaps, icons or metafiles, as well as enhanced metafiles, JPEG, DIB, and animated or static Gif files and supports:

- Selectivity of files
- Multiple items selection
- Drag and drop functionality
- Add, remove or rename, items and files
- Six types of sorting
- File information.

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Thumbnailer Plus  ThumbPlus

The Plus version of Thumbnailer additionally supports:

- More filetypes
- Thumbnails caching
- ListView implementation
- Multiple views
- Plethora of information
- Customized InfoTips
- Checkboxes
- Items repositioning
- Ten types of sorting
- Many new methods and events
- Hi quality 32 bit rendering
- Ultra fast processing

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Viewer  Viewer

A Viewer control can display images in full resolution, for most multimedia file formats. Additionally, returns detailed information about images, such as dimensions or the bit per pixel format.

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Zoom  Zoom

A Zoom control, can magnify the contents of the desktop. It is a powerfull tool with unique features that can be used as a standalone professional magnifier or as a part of an image editing application.

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Thumbnailer user

I feel I should thank you for the help your Thumbnailer ActiveX control has offered to our software team.

Thanks to your software we achieved a more cost-effective use of our development resources....

Eric H. Cox P.M. of Springsoft Inc.














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