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Thumbnailer Plus ActiveX control ThumbPlus

A Thumbnailer Plus control, can display thumbnails from most multimedia formats.


Enhanced Thumbnailer activex control


This is a powerful activex control, with a fully customizable interface.

You can set the thumbnail's width and height, and the borders style for its body and label. The distance between the thumbnails can also be set.

Infotips can be enabled for each thumbnail and the type of information that will be displayed is customizable.

The Plus version (5.0 or newer) of the control, additionally supports:

More file types
The control can process and draw thumbnails from bitmaps, icons or metafiles, as well as enhanced metafiles, JPEG, DIB, RLE, PNG, TIFF and animated or static GIF files.

Thumbnails caching
The new implementation has been re-designed for thumbnails caching. An external database is used to provide thumbnails information when available. As a result, ThumbPlus displays thumbnails twice faster than ThumbEx.

ListView implementation
ThumbPlus implements MS ListView control to display thumbnails. Although most methods are still available, you can also use appropriate API to communicate with the internal ListView control when needed.

Multiple views
Besides Thumbnails, items can be displayed in three more styles. Small icons, List and Report styles are available for representing items.

Plethora of information
Detailed information regarding file and image attributes, is extracted by default and is provided either as InfoTips or as subitems in Report view. As soon as an item is processed, it carries all this info as Thumb object properties.

Customized InfoTips
InfoTips can be displayed in any views. Additionally, the information that is displayed in InfoTips is absolutely customizable, allowing to provide what is occasionally needed.

Ten types of sorting
Four new types of sorting have been added. Now items can also be sorted by Bits per Pixel, by Resolution, by Selected and Checked state.

ThumbPlus can display checkboxes for items, when in SmallIcons, List or Report views and provides the necessary methods to expose the items state.

Items repositioning
Expanding the existing drag and drop functionality, ThumbPlus supports items repositioning when in Thumbnails or SmallIcons views.

Many new methods and events
Although compatibility with ThumbEx was in high priority, functionality has been enhanced with new methods and events to support the ListView implementation and also to expose new properties.

Hi quality 32 bit rendering
The control provides three "Quality" modes that determine the quality of thumbnails creation. "High" quality provides the most detailed and smooth thumbnails, by using cutting edge technologies.

Ultra fast processing
ThumbPlus takes advantage of the newest and powerful methods provided by Microsoft, to process and render images. This has as result a very short time of tasks execution.

Possible Uses
- In any case you need to display thumbnails from image files
- To replace or enhance the standard ListView control
- To make an image viewer application

Supported OS
Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/9x

In a typical system with Pentium IV 2.4 GHZ, 512 MB RAM and 128 MB display card, easily extracted 10.000 thumbnails and full file and image information, in 11,2 secs.

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Name: ThumbPlus.ocx
Version: 5.0
Size: 404 KB
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Thumbnailer user

I feel I should thank you for the help your Thumbnailer ActiveX control has offered to our software team.

Thanks to your software we achieved a more cost-effective use of our development resources....

Eric H. Cox P.M. of Springsoft Inc.
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