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Enhanced Anigif ActiveX control AniGifEx

An AniGif control can display a graphic from an animated or static Gif file. Supports GIF87a and GIF89a formats.


Enhanced Animated Gif activex control


The enhanced version of the component, provides extended information about the animation and supports:

Full control of the animation
Allows you to control everything about the animation. You can determine if it will start automatically, when it will start and stop, and gives you the ability to play individual frames or frames at any sequence.

Advanced sizing abilities
You can customize the relationship between the control's size, and its contents dimensions:
- Normal
The contents of the control does not affect the controls size.
- Auto
The control is automatically resized to the contents dimensions.
- Stretch
The control resizes (stretch/zoom) the graphic to fit the control's dimensions.

Drop target
The control can be set to accept Gif files as a result of a drag and drop operation. Just drop the dragged Gif file into the control and AniGifEx will process it and display the graphic or any animation.

Image file info
Provides information about the processed Gif file, such as image's width and height, size of the image file, the number of colors the graphic uses, and the number of times an animation will loop.

Detailed frames info
Provides detailed information about each Frame in an animation, through its powerful Frame object. It returns: metrics, colors and transparency info, delay time and more.

Extended animation info
Provides extended information about an animation through its AppExtension, Comment and TextExtension objects. These, return application-specific information, textual information which is not part of the actual graphics in the GIF file, and textual data and the parameters necessary to render that data as a graphic, in a simple form.

Customised background color
You can set the backround to any color. The control will draw the graphic or the animation over this colored background, while keeping any transparency.

Control system errors
Allows control of whether AniGifEx will automatically display error mesages, as a result of invalid Gif files detection. The level of the control is also adjustable.

Possible Uses
- To display animation
- To read and display Gif files
- To provide extended information about a Gif file.

Supported OS
Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/9x

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Name: AniGifEx.ocx
Version: 2.0
Size: 136 KB
Price: $59.95



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